At the age of 18, the young man got a job in the fleet. He got the opportunity to work in the wireless communications department. He fully utilized that opportunity and transformed himself into an expert.
 Percy Spencer, the inventor of microwave oven, how the micro oven is invented,
Percy Spencer, the inventor of microwave oven 

1939 AD. One of the leading specialists in 'Radar Tube Design' is  Percy Spencer. He was involved in defense research of World War II. Spencer was preparing for a magnetron for radar technology.

Putting the hand in to the pocket, Spencer saw that the strong chocolate bar has melted . He kept thinking about it. Although many scientists of radar technology had the same experience.But only Spenser was surprised about this incident. Dropping everything, he fell into this thought.

Now he put a little bit of corn in front of the Magnetron.Within a short time he got popcorn. Now a little more experimentation. He collected a kettle and made a hole in one side of it. He kept water and eggs inside. The purpose was to boil the egg. Enter the microwave from the Magnetron through the hole. A colleague raises his face to see what's happening. Suddenly, the egg was blasted. The friend's face was burnt in very hot water and egg pieces. So do not boil the eggs using microwave oven.

Why do microwaved egg explode ?
The egg in shell has become so hot in a very short period of time in the microwave oven for heating rapidly. Then the vapor becomes faster it through its pores. Then the steam bursts through the shell. So be careful.

The rest is history. At last Spencer invented microwave oven in 8th October, 1945 by Spenser. His first built oven was 6 feet high and weight was 375 kilograms and the price was 5000 dollars. Then it did not get popularity. It get popular in 1967. The volume was very small and the price was 495 dollars.