Over the next 24 hours Fani could even turn into a very dangerous cyclonic storm.

Andhrapradesh and Odisha has been facing worst cyclonic storm since friday including destruction of several houses and forcing people into camps. Cyclone Fani is likely to reach near Kolkata By 3rd May evening according to the Indian Meteorological Department update. Fishermen have been warned not to went out in deep sea in all these 3 states.

The cyclone Fani that have been holding of the east coast of Southern India.  Early this morning with wind speeds around 130 km per hour the cyclonic storm Fani cross Odisa. During a cyclone heavy rains devasted all the places in Odisha state. It uproot trees in several area. Houses have been a collapsed. Relief camps in 3 districts are also working around the clock.

The weather forecast says that over the next 24 hours it could even turn into a very dangerous cyclonic storm. It will continue to move Northwest and change its path to North East from Wednesday.